As Cisco’s PGW and ITP reach end of life, operators can confidently invest for the future with Squire Technologies’ SS7 Signalling products

Squire Technologies, signalling specialists to the telecoms industry, today reaffirmed its commitment to continue investment and support of its successful range of SS7 Signalling products including the SVI Media Gateway Controller (MGC), SVI Signalling Gateway (SG)and SVI STP solutions. Many operators that have invested in third party hardware and software to power their VoIP and[…]



Architecture WebRTC offers web application developers the ability to write rich, realtime multimedia applications (think video chat) on the web, without requiring plugins, downloads or installs. It’s purpose is to help build a strong RTC platform that works across multiple web browsers, across multiple platforms. The overall architecture looks something like this: Your Web App A[…]


Going Mobile: Digium’s Respoke Launches iOS and Android SDKs

Since Digium launched the Respoke real-time communications (WebRTC) platform last fall, thousands have signed up for an account to quickly add live communications features to web applications. Today, we’re pleased to announce that we’ve extended the same possibilities to mobile developers with the launch of our software development kits (SDKs) for iOS and Android. The Respoke[…]