As Cisco’s PGW and ITP reach end of life, operators can confidently invest for the future with Squire Technologies’ SS7 Signalling products

Squire Technologies, signalling specialists to the telecoms industry, today reaffirmed its commitment to continue investment and support of its successful range of SS7 Signalling products including the SVI Media Gateway Controller (MGC), SVI Signalling Gateway (SG)and SVI STP solutions.

Many operators that have invested in third party hardware and software to power their VoIP and NGN networks are becoming increasingly challenged by end of life (EoL) announcements from industry vendors, most notably Cisco.

This threatens investments and poses a challenge to operations. Squire Technologies, a leading independent vendor of VoIP, SS7 and NGN solutions provides a solution, as it is committed to maintaining investment and support of its SS7 Signalling range, which is deployed in more than 100 countries around the world.

“In today’s economic climate, it’s essential that operators obtain the best return from their investments. If their primary platforms are discontinued, this presents a significant threat to their network and financial planning,” commented Simon Dinnage, Business Development Director of Squire Technologies. “We offer a ready-made solution in the form of our SVI MGC , SG and STP products. These can be deployed with third party platforms, ensuring service continuity and that operators can invest confidently in their networks.”

Seen as the perfect replacement for the Cisco PGW and ITP, the SVI SS7 Signalling range enables clients to interface their VoIP networks to SS7 PSTN, NGN IP and IMS networks, allowing the rapid launch of VoIP services while extending the life of legacy Media Gateway solutions from a range of 3rd Party providers.

“Our commitment to continue to invest in our solutions and extend their capabilities means that our customers obtain a future-proof solution that can evolve with their needs,” added Mr Dinnage. “We offer a roadmap for the future that enables operators to reuse assets and plan their network and product strategies, based on solutions that are here to stay.”

Squire Technologies’ strategy is built on the gradual evolution of its core product line, alongside the introduction of new solutions. This means that new features can be requested by customers and rapidly implemented to suit changing circumstances. Legacy vendors can rarely match this unrivalled flexibility, while EoL notifications mean that future enhancements are uncertain. Squire Technologies removes the uncertainty surrounding investments and provides a stable partnership for future growth.

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